May. 29th, 2011

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Finish My Fic:
Where unfinished work goes to get finished by other authors

*Fic just sitting on your hard drive? You haven't touched it in ages.*
*Did the ideas run out and you don't know where to go with the fic?*
*Did you get sick of the fic itself and feel like everything is forced?*

If so, [community profile] finish_my_fic might be just for you. Post your unfinished work, your notes and ideas and see if anyone would like to finish it.

--posted with mod permission--
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1. Marvel comics/Monster High.  In this AU, the Marvel comics characters are Monster High students, with a dark humourous tint. Steve Rogers is a vampire whose sire pressured him to become another Lord Vetinari, Tony Stark is a tone deaf siren who just loves explosion, Jan Van Dyne is a shapeshifter who explores herself through fashion design and poison, and what adventure awaits them in the following school year?

2. Original. In which the world is shaped by belief, and a conspiracy has taken over the world with its lie of science and technology, driving out everything not conforming to it. The characters are mage who try to revive their Tradition and bring magic back to the world.

3. Original. It's like our world, except that In 1950's, many women found that they had superpower. At the present the protagonist is a superpowered police officer, who between investigating crimes, spending time with her family, found herself watched by a mystical organization.


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