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I'm leaving the country for a few weeks starting on Wednesday; it seems like a good time to give the bunnies I've had so far this year up for adoption. 37 ideas, in a variety of fandoms and varying levels of crack. Enjoy, and even if you're not taking any, it's always fun to hear what people think!

Batman: The GCPD amasses a large body of evidence that Bruce Wayne is Batman, enough that there's no doubt in anybody's mind. But he's really convincing with his denial, enough so that they start to become convinced that he has DID. Eventually he breaks and admits it all.

Buffy: AU: Buffy is not a cheerleader-type person. Instead, she's a straight-A nerd who is interested in moldy bookage in its own right, not just as a means to saving lives. She may or may not play on the "dumb blonde" image like in canon with people who aren't her close friends, but her in-group won't take long to realize what a nerd she is.

Buffy/SGA: While Ronon is a Runner, he goes to a world that he knows is deserted, one that's known as a Runners' World, and is horrified to find a kid there: deaged Xander, who can't or won't speak for whatever reason. Ronon tries to send him to/drop him off at an inhabited world, but he won't go, just follows Ronon around and occasionally kicks wraith ass. And refuses to leave his axe behind even though he can barely lift it.

Dexter: Dexter Morgan, not a serial killer. Nothing out of the ordinary about him. But then one day, he comes home and finds a dismembered Barbie doll in his freezer, connects it to the Ice Truck Killer, and is all D: about it.

Dexter/Journeyman: Hey, you know what would be a fun crossover? Dexter/Journeyman. Several possibilities: Dexter travels through time (and let's just say he solves problems a bit differently than Dan and Olivia do). Deb travels through time, and finds out about Dexter. Dan has to help Dexter, and may or may not find out about him.

Dresden Files: AU. Pre-canon (I'm thinking back when Charity had her magic stage, but I don't know Harry and Charity's relative ages, so it might not work that way), Charity and Harry met and became friends and stayed that way until they lost contact. Fast-forward to Harry being introduced as Michael's friend the wizard. Charity has mixed feelings towards him, but she's nicer than in canon--he might be a wizard, but he's Harry.

Dresden Files/Highlander: The Watchers think that one of the Knights of the Cross is an Immortal because, hey, running around with a sword and all.

Harry Potter: Somehow, Hermione and Luna meet before Hogwarts. And Luna has all sorts of books with proof that all of her creatures exist, so of course Hermione is convinced...

Harry Potter: It's not that Dumbledore sends Harry back to the Dursleys' and modifying memories every time he runs away or gets taken away by social services--it's the wards (which may or may not have been created or altered by Dumbledore in the name of the greater good/Harry's safety from kidnappers). But if the wards are doing it, they're not exactly going to stop when it's time for Harry to go to Hogwarts, are they?

Harry Potter: Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel were targets for most of their lives because of the Stone; it might make them unaging and immune to nearly everything else, but there were still a few ways they could be killed. So whenever they got sick of it, they did their own little witness protection program and set themselves up as new Hogwarts students. This time around, they chose to be James Potter and Lily Evans (which...needs an explanation for Petunia. Still a relative, maybe, but not a sister.). But somewhere along the way, Dumbledore learned who they were, and either set them up or just capitalized on their deaths to steal the stone.

Harry Potter: House elves invented LOLcats.

Harry Potter: There are wizards who cosplay muggles. So, you know, the guy wearing a skirt at the quidditch world cup? It's not that he didn't know how muggle men dressed, he was just cosplaying a specific muggle. Whoever you use as a main character (muggleborn/muggle raised?) learns about them, and possibly participates.

Hawaii Five-0/SGA: Basically, Hawaii Five-0 set in Atlantis, in the Atlantis University verse, maybe. Steve's transporting a prisoner for one of the allies (his job means he mostly works outside of Atlantis), when he gets radioed by the guy who's got his dad, and attacked, which he survives, and then he's all, "he's on Atlantis! D:" and goes back home. It's at least a generation since Atlantis was resettled, and there are a lot more people than there were originally, so it's possible for the guy to lose himself in it.
The Stargate Program's gone public on Earth, and some Tau'ri are allowed onto Atlantis for various reasons. Step-Stan gets a job on Atlantis, taking Rachel and Grace with him, and Danny follows even though he has to jump through all sorts of hoops to do so (the fact that he's doing it for Grace helps a lot), and very much does not assimilate. Steve's parents moved to Atlantis when he was young, but he's not native Lantean. Chin and Kono are.
Obviously, some things have to be changed because the culture's so different, but it could totally work.

Highlander: As a prank, an Immortal's friends (who don't know about Immortality) stick him in a morgue while he's passed out, then panic when he disappears rather than coming after them swearing revenge.

Highlander: After the apocalypse, most people are freaking out and running in circles like chickens with their heads cut off. Most Immortals don't freak out, just immediately start doing what they know has to be done. Preferably from the POV of Richie or an OC (Richie might be best...or a rotating POV) for contrast.

Highlander: Immortals can only sense pre-Immortals if they have a certain degree of compatibility. So, for instance, if Duncan had been holding some sort of Immortal party when Richie dropped by, only two or three of them would have been able to sense him. This pre-Immortal sense also draws at least one compatible close when it's close to the time for the pre-Immortal's first death. Of course, even with some amount of compatibility, it doesn't always work out well, and after the first death there's nothing to say who's compatible or not, so it's a bit of a crapshoot, but at least there's more of a chance and unscrupulous Immortals can't go around finding all of the pre-Immortals, killing them, and taking their heads.

The Mentalist: Mentalist--I don't think I've seen a girl!Jane AU before, but it could be interesting. Might have to be more changes than usual with genderswap AUs, though, because of the clothes if nothing else. Or an AU where the wife was the one who wasn't killed by Red John and is now working with the CBI.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane is actually psychic, but either he doesn't realize it, or the more interesting option: he's managed to convince himself that he isn't (possibly repressing knowledge of his true powers after his wife and daughter were killed because of them). He's still using the powers, but he doesn't realize that he is, and he always has an answer about how he knows the things he knows (because he does know how to do it powerlessly), until one day...he doesn't, and he's forced to confront that knowledge.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane on truth serum (or anything else that destroys his verbal inhibitions): most horrifying thing ever, or what? Throughout the show we keep getting shown how he has a tendency towards saying things that he shouldn't, hitting where it hurts; I get the impression that he only holds off in regards to the team (as far as that goes, anyway) because a) he likes them and b) he's using them to get to Red John, but that doesn't mean he isn't gathering all sorts of information about them that would come spilling out in that kind of situation. It would end VERY BADLY. Or possibly everybody would be used enough to him that they could get over it.

New Amsterdam: A defense attorney uses John Amsterdam's "eccentricity" (you know, how he actually tells the truth about his 609 girlfriends, etc.) against him while he testifies against somebody he arrested.

SGA: Ronon was really, really young when he first became a Runner--still a child. But every time the Wraith caught him, they took a little sip from his life, and now he's not a child anymore.

Supernatural/Pride and Prejudice, although with only P & P characters and OCs (and, I guess some of the longer-lived Supernatural characters, just not any of the humans). Set in/around P & P times. The reflex might be to do it as an AU, but I think I personally prefer it not to be.
Elizabeth Bennett (or Darcy) is a BAMF Hunter, eventually almost a legend, despite...well, everything. Mostly gender. How did she get into Hunting? How did she get to be so good? How do her interactions with other Hunters go? What's her life like?

Psych: Shawn Spencer actually does have psychic powers, and always has, but back when he was a kid Henry decided to push him into becoming a cop, with training as in canon. Could go either way, either Shawn's aware of it all along, or Henry keeps it a secret from him and convinces him that it's just photographic memory and extensive training. Because I've seen a couple of "Shawn gains psychic powers" fics, but I don't think I've ever read one where he's always had powers.

SG-1(/Highlander): Methos (or other character who's not quite human/has special abilities) is captured by the NID, who do Bad Things to him because they know about his abilities. The SGC mounts a rescue, saves him, and asks him to join them because his abilities would be useful. But he's all "not just no, but hell no" because they might have rescued him, but they're part of the same thing. Of course, they let him go because they're the good guys, and he disappears completely. SG-1 keeps getting called in to investigate/to be accused of the destruction of NID bases. There's a growing suspicion that Methos (or, well, whatever identity of his that they know of) is responsible; they find him destroying the last base.

Original?: Fantasy; original, crossover, or timetravel. For whatever reason, a kid who's had a very good and thorough education in the use of his/her powers (they've had them since birth, and since their parents were involved in the supernatural they had the benefit of learning how to use them along with everything else like walking and talking; by this point, they use their powers very fluidly and naturally) and an adult/older teen who's new to their powers, clumsy with them and possibly afraid, have to live/travel together. Post-apocalypse, maybe? Not many other ways to fling together an adult and child who don't know each other previously. The adult has to do all the adulty things--protecting the kid, making sure they have enough food, etc.; but the kid has to teach him what he needs to know, because the situation's dangerous enough that they need to use their powers to stay safe.

Original: Several centuries/millenia ago, MC was given the job of ending the world/stopping the end of the world by [date]. But she's like most of us, so she procrastinated. Now there are only days/weeks left to finish her project, and she hasn't even started to make plans.

Original: MC develops powers of a type that can't be proven (psychic visions or something, not telekinesis or anything easy to prove) and starts hiding them from everybody. Only later do they learn that their sibling has had the same power for longer, and has been hiding it all along as well.

Original?: Somebody who has the kind of powers that are basically "you must fix this problem or your life will continue to be disrupted" gets so jaded that he stops doing it because he wants to do good, stops being outraged at horrible things, etc.

Original?: A vampire in some sort of anti-addiction program.

Original: MC is a police detective, but they also secretly run/rule the city's supernatural community. Most of the time it works out, but now they're working hard on an important case, and having to deal with important stuff going on in the supernatural community. Are the two connected? Will she be able to deal with both at the same time? When will she ever be able to get some sleep?

Original: It's the equivalent of the '60s in Urban Fantasy World. The race issues are mainly between werewolves and vampires (and humans?) rather than blacks and whites.

Original: In TV, books, and movies, it seems like every detective/PI/cop deals with the big crimes--murder, rape, art theft, etc. So what about one that's about cops/detectives who deal with minor crap, or are traffic cops or something? With the focus being a lot more on the people rather than the cases. Stick in a supernatural element, preferably a lot more understated than in other shows: each of them has a supernatural secret and doesn't know their partner's secret (though it doesn't drag out for too long; eventually they find out because otherwise they just look stupid), but most of their cases are normal, mostly boring cases, and their supernatural secrets only occasionally affect their lives. Put a limit on how often they have to draw their guns, and how often the supernatural causes more than minor irritation, and stick to it.

Original: Crazy alternate universe, where males can only reproduce with males and females can only reproduce with females, but either pairing can produce children of either gender; this pattern extends to any species which does not reproduce asexually. Give careful consideration to social changes--e.g., like IRL each couple would need at least one partner to work to support them, back through history, so gender discrimination is not going to have ever been like it is or was here; also, everybody is gay is the only thing that makes sense here.
Protagonists are a straight couple in the modern day, extremely aware of how lucky they are to be living in a time when it's legal and to some degree accepted for them to be together and hoping that someday soon it will be legal for them to get married.

Original: It starts out being written like the MC's a latchkey kid: she gets herself up and prepared for school in the mornings, makes her own food (or has it prepared for her, so she just has to reheat it/take it to school), the house always seems to be empty except for her. Maybe there are occasional notes to her. But eventually it becomes apparent that she isn't living with any adult--maybe with a ghost (not, I think, a family member)? While she's on the verge of sleep she could her it then, and give further evidence to the "not squatting in the house" misleading. Not as the main plot, because she knows about her circumstances so it's not a mystery, but as an around-the-edges thing: she goes off every day having her adventure, and comes home to this empty house and loving notes. Maybe it affects how she acts, like she absolutely insists on being home by a certain time, and the reader is very confused about why until she comes home late one day and the walls are bleeding or something.
Hm, might be fun to do it as a coming of age thing, and/or if she gradually realized that their relationship was abusive and successfully managed to get the ghost to change.

Original?: Some form of entertainment, written as if it was by aliens, for aliens from the same culture. So, for instance, if they were writing their version of Stargate SG-1, all of the references to the Simpsons, mythology, etc. would be explained to the exact same degree that they are in canon!SG-1. And maybe idioms would be different, too, depending on how far you want to go with it.

Original?: There's a something which is a huge danger because to trap its prey/victims it creates a perfect representation of a place that feels safe & happy to them, with something to help make them believe it. It works better with people who feel very safe most of the time, but almost everybody has a place where they feel safe or that they can be convinced to feel safe in. Naturally distrustful people and people who have learned to be distrustful can pick up the minor glitches within a few hours, when something pings their memory wrong and they start pulling threads and unravel it. So, if you knew this all, and then you saw somebody get whammied and barely pause for a second...wow, must suck to be them.

Original: In alternate-history Kansas, all of the fields have hedgerows around them. (because in our world there are trees, and they're there for windblocks, right? So why not hedgerows?)

Okay, I think I got all of the fandoms tagged. *Exhausted*

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