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Bellatrix LeStrange is insane and completely devoted to her Lord, so when she has a change of heart about the Death Eaters' values, the only action that makes sense to her is to deage Voldemort and raise him according to her new values.
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The Atlantis Expedition assumes that, barring a major miracle, they'll never reestablish contact with Earth, so they plan and act accordingly, by making sure they have what they need to become self-sufficient and raise and educate the next generation to some approximation of their standards, and making friends and allies and integrating some of them into their society.Snip for lengthiness )
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I was really, really angry at the end of Torchwood's "Children of Earth". I thought it was a cracking good story up until about the middle of the third episode, whereupon RTD starting mashing the child endangerment button (one of my biggest DO NO WANT issues) so hard and so often that I felt like one big bruise by the end. Then he had to go perpetrate some of the most senseless deaths and by God, I was spitting mad.

Here is the beginning of a reaction fic that I would love to see the end of. Alas, if I could see the end of it, I would write it myself. I'm hoping some inspired soul might take up the thread of this. Spoilers ahead for character deaths in Torchwood.

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Morgue"

Some people have bad hair days. The Cardiff Rift suffered from occasional outbreaks of Bad Wolf. )
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So for a brief, shining moment, I loved Eastwick with all my heart. I even created [community profile] eastwick_fic. That didn't go anywhere, and I couldn't make myself finish this fic, even though there's only the fun sexytiems to finish. It's an episode cap, and I don't even remember which ep, now, so I'm not even sure it makes sense. Time to set this one free.

Eastwick comfort fic )

Yeah, I often leave stories in the middle of a sentence like that. *shrug* They're the hardest to pick up, too, because I wonder if I had an idea when I left them, and now I can't remember... *sigh*
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As I deleted a few things I had posted out of my WIP folder, I realized if I let two bunnies/stories go, I would be down to a single column of WIPs! So here's the first: a sequel to Sandcastles, a fic that I wrote as a companion to [personal profile] silverraven's Castles in the Air. She's writing a sequel to her fic too, and what I've sketched out doesn't really fit in with what I've seen of hers, so... here are my loosely sketched notes. )
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Some group- SG-1 or AR-1 or the Scoobies or whoever have to save the world (or something). They have to take everything they need and go to a place to put their plan into motion. They can't get in touch with each other until they get to the place, and they can take a limited amount of stuff each. Possibly they won't have time to discuss their plan even once they get there. So they each pack a bunch of stuff that sounds random, like you look at what one of them has and you wonder why they would take that, since they don't know the plan. When they get there, they pull their stuff out and it all fits together in their (whacky?) plan. They know each other that well.

4 (or however many) companion ficlets, one from each POV? End part a separate ficlet or in each of them?
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One of the stories I've wanted for a really long time came out of a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about characterization, and she said Ronon was easy, that all he had to do was eat and fight. And I think that's wrong on so many levels, but it is often convenient shorthand to write Ronon as the big dumb thug or the caveman. Give him dreadlocks and we know who you're talking about.

I've read something like my bunny, I think, recently, or maybe someone was talking about it. At any rate, it's pretty far down my list, which seems to be growing exponentially, so I am hoping someone will adopt the bunny and write it for me, because there needs to be much more awesome Ronon fic in the world (cue pointing at [livejournal.com profile] satedan_grabass, the Ronon/John fest going on).

I have always wanted the fic where Ronon was an intellectual on Sateda before going into the service. Maybe that's why he went, he's a master tactician. Maybe they all joined at the end, knowing the Wraith were planning on culling them to extinction. At any rate, I was going to basically make this all come out around Rodney presenting a paper, where Ronon is in the audience and reminisces about teaching classes, or his students, or the subject matter, or extra-curricular activities, I don't know. Maybe all of it. And all I've got so far is a single introductory paragraph that doesn't do anything at all, but feel free to adopt the bunny, the words, or both as it suits you.

They take turns going with Rodney to present his papers. Ronon goes to the really big gatherings; Teyla goes to the government ones. Sheppard only goes to the ones he can't slither out of.

WIP amnesty

Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:42 pm
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So, to kick start this community a bit, and to celebrate spring really coming to bear, how about a Spring Cleaning WIP Amnesty?

You can give those bunnies up for adoption (tag with bunny free to a good home) or declare them dead and gone (tag with rip wip), but get them off your hard drive and off your mind. Clean out those stories from three fandoms ago that you love but will never finish! Let that half a novel-length story go. Give up that really good idea to another writer. Feel how much easier it is to breathe.

As always, you can post any WIP for any reason - if you need cheerleading, just use the wip hip hooray tag! ETA: And [personal profile] h4hahn suggested one for WIPs that aren't quite dead yet (or too hard to completely get rid of): wip life support.

You can either post in the community or just drop a link to a post on your journal - or even leave a comment here (though I suggest making a post, just so people can take a look).

And please, pimp both the comm and the amnesty! The more people watching, the more likely you are to get cheerleading when you need it, sympathy in letting things go, or adoption for those bunnies you don't have time for.
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So, one of the goals of this place was to let go of the WIPs slowing you down. I originally meant it as a place other people could pick things up and run with them, but a) I don't see that actually happening and b) I think that becomes a reason not to post your WIPs.

In light of this (and admittedly, [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty going active again), I'm wondering if I should change the user info/concept. I'm stuck with the name (unless I start another comm, and gods do I not need to do that - though [personal profile] amnesty is available...), but what do you think?

If this just became an amnesty comm, like [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty, do you think there'd be more willingness to clean out those WIP folders?

To that end, a poll. )
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So, I think about Rodney every single time someone mentions our APL (applied physics lab) that does top secret work and has major DOD and DARPA funding. John's a little tougher to shoehorn into my workspace, and I got through 1500 words of boring-ass 'this is what I do in a day' and 'aren't those PIs funny/exasperating/amazing/awful' before I realized there is no plot to be had here. It's more than a scene, but seriously, I don't have the interest to try and make this into any more than it is.

John/Rodney, appearances by most of the military cast and mention of Carson. (List of acronyms here for those who don't work with the US government on a regular basis.)

SGA goes to Johns Hopkins and applies for a grant )
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We were in Boston this weekend, and drove past the Daedalus Bar and Lounge, and laughed. Then we went past Rodney's bookstore, and I went hmmmm. Then there was The Phoenix Rising (another bar), Apollo Dental, The Asgard (restaurant)...

We ended up sort of overlaying SGA on Mass Ave, and this is what we got:

Rodney...........Rodney's Bookstore
John...............Weirdo Records
Teyla..............Prana Power Yoga (you should have seen the beautiful pictures - one of them was this gorgeous pair of women from the back doing a behind-the-back handhold... gorgeous).
Ronon............Central Kitchen (it had a beautiful woody exterior and pretty pretty elephant pictures on the door)
Lorne.............Pearl Art Supplies (sorry, [personal profile] gblvr, to be so cliched for this and Radek)
Zelenka..........Supreme Liquors
Sam................The Phoenix Rising (bar)
Enemy#1........Cheapo Records (John's competition)
Todd..............Hubba Hubba (the bar next to Cheapo Records - just because I liked it)

Other notables:

...MIT is right up the block, where I imagine Elizabeth is a dean.
...there was some sort of medical place just up from MIT for Carson and/or Keller
...Apollo Dental
...The Asgard
...Daedalus Bar and Lounge (is actually further down and not on Mass Ave)
...Miracle of Science Bar and Grill (for the rest of the science team, maybe?)
...Toscanini's Ice Cream (Woolsey?)

So there's no chance in hell I'm writing this (what would the plot be, anyway? They all hang out until Cheapo Records moves in and tries to take John's business? Whatever.) But hey, it was a fun afternoon, anyway. And then we went to the beach and played in the waves.
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This fic is the opening scene (with a fair bit of exposition, I realized as I reread) to something that was going to be a pretty long canon story. I was imagining it basically as a canon episode, though that was a long way from its original purpose. I like the idea, but it's time to let this one go.

I Want to Rule the World, slightly gory fic featuring Sheppard. PG-13 for gory violence.


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