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Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:42 pm
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So, to kick start this community a bit, and to celebrate spring really coming to bear, how about a Spring Cleaning WIP Amnesty?

You can give those bunnies up for adoption (tag with bunny free to a good home) or declare them dead and gone (tag with rip wip), but get them off your hard drive and off your mind. Clean out those stories from three fandoms ago that you love but will never finish! Let that half a novel-length story go. Give up that really good idea to another writer. Feel how much easier it is to breathe.

As always, you can post any WIP for any reason - if you need cheerleading, just use the wip hip hooray tag! ETA: And [personal profile] h4hahn suggested one for WIPs that aren't quite dead yet (or too hard to completely get rid of): wip life support.

You can either post in the community or just drop a link to a post on your journal - or even leave a comment here (though I suggest making a post, just so people can take a look).

And please, pimp both the comm and the amnesty! The more people watching, the more likely you are to get cheerleading when you need it, sympathy in letting things go, or adoption for those bunnies you don't have time for.
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So, one of the goals of this place was to let go of the WIPs slowing you down. I originally meant it as a place other people could pick things up and run with them, but a) I don't see that actually happening and b) I think that becomes a reason not to post your WIPs.

In light of this (and admittedly, [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty going active again), I'm wondering if I should change the user info/concept. I'm stuck with the name (unless I start another comm, and gods do I not need to do that - though [personal profile] amnesty is available...), but what do you think?

If this just became an amnesty comm, like [livejournal.com profile] wip_amnesty, do you think there'd be more willingness to clean out those WIP folders?

To that end, a poll. )


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