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I will never write a Harry Potter fic, because I've only read the first book and have seen the movies only about once each.  I know the universe primarily through fanfic, which isn't really good enough to write fic from.  But I have a Harry Potter plot bunny.  Here goes:

It's an AU futurefic.  We all know the Ministry of Magic is seriously messed up, and we all know that chances are pretty good that Hermione will try to straighten things up, post-war.  So, she finds a great injustice (there are a lot of ideas in the fandom, pick one, idk), goes on a crusade, breaks the law in the interests of doing the right thing, and gets caught.  She's given a choice between exile (having her wand snapped and not being allowed to talk to anyone in the magical world ever again) and Azkaban; most wizard-born would choose Azkaban because they wouldn't know how to survive as a Muggle, but Hermione is a Muggle-born, so it's a no brainer.  (Maybe it's a show of mercy to one of the heroes of the Voldemort War?)

OUR STORY starts some fifteen or so years later.  Hermione is now married with kids, with a brand-new university degree in poly-sci or some such (it took her a while to catch up to all the schooling she'd missed, while, you know, working to support herself and getting married, having kids, etc).  The story is from the point of view of her husband, who is a Muggle with no clue about the Wizarding World.  (Because, you know, the Statute of Secrecy, and Hermione's under a jinx that she can't speak of it to someone who doesn't already know, and he'd never believe her without proof which she can't provide without a wand even if there wasn't a jinx.)  They have kids.  The oldest turns eleven on the day our story starts, and hubby is kind of confused that Hermione is making a big deal out of it: everybody is staying home from work or school today, big breakfast, etc., but Hermione seems ... tense.  She's odd sometimes, and he knows there's some secret in her past, but he just accepts it because it's part of her.  She'll tell him if she wants him to know.  They're finishing breakfast, and the kids have things they want to do on a day off school, but Hermione is all, "no, we're staying in today," which confuses hubby because why not go to work and school if there is no big plan?  Lo and behold, an owl comes through the open window with a letter.  Hermione takes it, calmly feeds the owl a piece of bacon, as if it's perfectly normal.  And, you know, hubby is pretty used to weird things happening around his wife and kids, but this takes the cake.  Hermione reads the letter, and calls up her mum.  "Yeah, ____ just got her Hogwarts letter.  Could you go to the Leaky and Floo the Weasleys?"  (Now that she's the mother of a Hogwarts student, some of the jinx is lifted and she can contact her friends in the Wizarding world.)

Cue party, as Molly Weasley spreads the word to all of Hermione's friends, and they all show up to congratulate her and catch up on all the things in their adult lives.  Cue also explanations to hubby and kids, who are kind of bewildered by the whole thing.  Hubby is like, "wait, what?  How many times were you almost killed as a child?  And then after you saved them from an Evil Overlord they rewarded you by exiling you?  And you want our kids to have that, why?"  And Hermione says "Well, at the very least I want to draw out the decision as long as possible so I can see my friends.  If it's safe, I'd like them to go to Hogwarts because magic is cool.  But let's see what's happened in the meantime."  What has happened is that the old DA was really pissed at what happened to her, and has been working to overturn the unjust law Hermione was fighting, and also get her sentence revoked or something.  (She's the Martyr for the cause.)  Anyway, because of it, more of them are more political than they otherwise would have been.  They haven't got her a pardon yet, but they will shortly, they think (the first offer was "okay, we'll give her a pardon if she agrees not to have anything more to do with politics or activism," which, no).  At which point, Hermione can put her poli-sci degree to work in the place she always wanted to the most--the Wizarding World.  Hubby still thinks she's nuts for wanting to go back no matter how cool the place is.  Cue marital negotiations alongside political ones, and intrigue and reunions, and (hopefully) a happy ending.
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I'm leaving the country for a few weeks starting on Wednesday; it seems like a good time to give the bunnies I've had so far this year up for adoption. 37 ideas, in a variety of fandoms and varying levels of crack. Enjoy, and even if you're not taking any, it's always fun to hear what people think!

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Okay, I think I got all of the fandoms tagged. *Exhausted*

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First post and I come bearing Harry Potter bunnies/openings. (That is, if people are still doing HP fiction idek.) False starts from years ago, all of them m/m slash. Note that two out of the three have to do with OotP. Yes, the book, they are that old.

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Bellatrix LeStrange is insane and completely devoted to her Lord, so when she has a change of heart about the Death Eaters' values, the only action that makes sense to her is to deage Voldemort and raise him according to her new values.


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