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First post and I come bearing Harry Potter bunnies/openings. (That is, if people are still doing HP fiction idek.) False starts from years ago, all of them m/m slash. Note that two out of the three have to do with OotP. Yes, the book, they are that old.

1. cross-gen, Severus/Harry: I thought Occlumency lessons would be ideal for one to form some sick and/or sad attachment for the other. Because I'm sick like that, I went with Severus. Probably dub/non-con.

Lily’s eyes. They’re all he needs to looks at, but Severus is starting to pray for any other sight. Unfortunately, sweeping his gaze to the rest of the boy’s face, all he sees is James fucking Potter. He never thought looking at the boy so closely would stir up such a gut-wrenching combination of emotions—anger, disgust, pity, but most of all, regret.
Lily’s eyes. The same vivid green. But even beyond the color, the eyes boring into his own are just as expressive as Lily’s had been. And lately he finds himself staring at those eyes more often than necessary. They sparkle in triumph, burn in anger, soften in sympathy, and darken in pain. He’d only seen Lily’s eyes darken that day he called her “Mudblood.” Her eyes are dark now in Harry Potter’s face. In anguish? Ah, yes, Severus just saw a particularly painful memory: Diggory’s death.
“A break, perhaps?” he offers the boy with a sneer.

2. Marauder era into canon, Severus/Remus: my explanation for how/why Severus really caught onto Remus's lycanthropy. Or maybe I just like making him a creeper. The twist(?) is Remus is just as obsessed with Severus.

They were always watching each other.
Remus had started watching Severus in their fifth year when James and Sirius’s animosity toward the Slytherin peaked and Sirius had lured Severus to the Shrieking Shack while Remus was transformed and he suddenly found himself concerned for the other boy. Quiet and studious, Severus struck Remus as oddly similar to himself.
Severus had started watching the bloody Marauders in their third year when Potter began his blatant pursuit of Lily, and Severus grudgingly acknowledged the Muggle belief that the best defense is a strong offense, especially when it came to Potter and Black. But Severus soon found himself distracted by the group’s amber-eyed introvert.

3. Fred/Harry: looking at what I started, I honestly have no idea where I was going with it. I guess I just wanted to lighten up OotP with some silly boy-on-boy love.

Harry never thought he’d live to see such a bleak Christmas. Sitting alone in the room he and Ron share at Grimmauld Place, flashes of his dream-attack on Mr. Weasley threaten to spill the nonexistent contents of his stomach onto his green bedspread. A shiver runs through his skinny frame, and he’s certain it isn't from the steady snowfall visible through the gap between the heavy velvet curtains. For the first time in a long time, he fears falling asleep.
But the distant murmur of voices from the lower floors of the large house begin to lull him, and he barely registers how heavy his eyelids become until a single loud knock on the door jerks him back into full consciousness. Without waiting for a reply, Fred steps into the room. Harry watches apprehensively as the older boy locks the door and approaches his bed. Again without invitation, Fred plops down beside Harry and pulls a magazine from his back pocket. The Weasley twin half grimaces.
“Hope you don’t mind, Harry,” he says, “but seeing as how everyone’s avoiding your room, it’s the best place for a wank.”

Mischief managed :D

Date: 2011-06-02 08:29 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kate
Hi hi hi! Welcome! And I'm pretty sure there are lots of people writing HP fic still. These are awesome - and that last one sounds like hilarious good times. :D


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