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What if Mary got pregnant when she slept with Mr. Pamouk in the first season? To hide things, she and Cora (and probably O'Brien, too, because ladies didn't travel without their maid) go to America "to visit" (but really to have the baby in secret), and they come back telling everyone (possibly even Robert) that the baby is Cora's. (This sometimes actually happened, in the past--an unmarried daughter would get pregnant out of wedlock, and the family would pass it off as a late-life baby of the mother's, to avoid scandal.) If the baby is a boy (and the birth certificate says it's the son of the Earl and Countess of Grantham), it becomes the new heir--not cousin Matthew. (This would be strong motivation for Cora to tell Robert the baby is his, if it's a boy. Robert would probably be too honor-bound to consider the deception, if it would mean disinheriting someone else. Cora already thinks the whole heir business is silly, and would probably prefer the title and money and all went to a bastard grandson than to some random cousin several times removed.)
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I will never write a Harry Potter fic, because I've only read the first book and have seen the movies only about once each.  I know the universe primarily through fanfic, which isn't really good enough to write fic from.  But I have a Harry Potter plot bunny.  Here goes:

It's an AU futurefic.  We all know the Ministry of Magic is seriously messed up, and we all know that chances are pretty good that Hermione will try to straighten things up, post-war.  So, she finds a great injustice (there are a lot of ideas in the fandom, pick one, idk), goes on a crusade, breaks the law in the interests of doing the right thing, and gets caught.  She's given a choice between exile (having her wand snapped and not being allowed to talk to anyone in the magical world ever again) and Azkaban; most wizard-born would choose Azkaban because they wouldn't know how to survive as a Muggle, but Hermione is a Muggle-born, so it's a no brainer.  (Maybe it's a show of mercy to one of the heroes of the Voldemort War?)

OUR STORY starts some fifteen or so years later.  Hermione is now married with kids, with a brand-new university degree in poly-sci or some such (it took her a while to catch up to all the schooling she'd missed, while, you know, working to support herself and getting married, having kids, etc).  The story is from the point of view of her husband, who is a Muggle with no clue about the Wizarding World.  (Because, you know, the Statute of Secrecy, and Hermione's under a jinx that she can't speak of it to someone who doesn't already know, and he'd never believe her without proof which she can't provide without a wand even if there wasn't a jinx.)  They have kids.  The oldest turns eleven on the day our story starts, and hubby is kind of confused that Hermione is making a big deal out of it: everybody is staying home from work or school today, big breakfast, etc., but Hermione seems ... tense.  She's odd sometimes, and he knows there's some secret in her past, but he just accepts it because it's part of her.  She'll tell him if she wants him to know.  They're finishing breakfast, and the kids have things they want to do on a day off school, but Hermione is all, "no, we're staying in today," which confuses hubby because why not go to work and school if there is no big plan?  Lo and behold, an owl comes through the open window with a letter.  Hermione takes it, calmly feeds the owl a piece of bacon, as if it's perfectly normal.  And, you know, hubby is pretty used to weird things happening around his wife and kids, but this takes the cake.  Hermione reads the letter, and calls up her mum.  "Yeah, ____ just got her Hogwarts letter.  Could you go to the Leaky and Floo the Weasleys?"  (Now that she's the mother of a Hogwarts student, some of the jinx is lifted and she can contact her friends in the Wizarding world.)

Cue party, as Molly Weasley spreads the word to all of Hermione's friends, and they all show up to congratulate her and catch up on all the things in their adult lives.  Cue also explanations to hubby and kids, who are kind of bewildered by the whole thing.  Hubby is like, "wait, what?  How many times were you almost killed as a child?  And then after you saved them from an Evil Overlord they rewarded you by exiling you?  And you want our kids to have that, why?"  And Hermione says "Well, at the very least I want to draw out the decision as long as possible so I can see my friends.  If it's safe, I'd like them to go to Hogwarts because magic is cool.  But let's see what's happened in the meantime."  What has happened is that the old DA was really pissed at what happened to her, and has been working to overturn the unjust law Hermione was fighting, and also get her sentence revoked or something.  (She's the Martyr for the cause.)  Anyway, because of it, more of them are more political than they otherwise would have been.  They haven't got her a pardon yet, but they will shortly, they think (the first offer was "okay, we'll give her a pardon if she agrees not to have anything more to do with politics or activism," which, no).  At which point, Hermione can put her poli-sci degree to work in the place she always wanted to the most--the Wizarding World.  Hubby still thinks she's nuts for wanting to go back no matter how cool the place is.  Cue marital negotiations alongside political ones, and intrigue and reunions, and (hopefully) a happy ending.
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I started a fic for my [community profile] sgareversebang, but I couldn't get through it. I know there's no way I'll ever finish, so I'm just putting these words here to get them off my flashdrive. If anybody feels like taking this and running with it, you have my blessing.

2200 words of the beginnings of team missionfic )
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I'm leaving the country for a few weeks starting on Wednesday; it seems like a good time to give the bunnies I've had so far this year up for adoption. 37 ideas, in a variety of fandoms and varying levels of crack. Enjoy, and even if you're not taking any, it's always fun to hear what people think!

Read more... )

Okay, I think I got all of the fandoms tagged. *Exhausted*

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First post and I come bearing Harry Potter bunnies/openings. (That is, if people are still doing HP fiction idek.) False starts from years ago, all of them m/m slash. Note that two out of the three have to do with OotP. Yes, the book, they are that old.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good )
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Finish My Fic:
Where unfinished work goes to get finished by other authors

*Fic just sitting on your hard drive? You haven't touched it in ages.*
*Did the ideas run out and you don't know where to go with the fic?*
*Did you get sick of the fic itself and feel like everything is forced?*

If so, [community profile] finish_my_fic might be just for you. Post your unfinished work, your notes and ideas and see if anyone would like to finish it.

--posted with mod permission--
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1. Marvel comics/Monster High.  In this AU, the Marvel comics characters are Monster High students, with a dark humourous tint. Steve Rogers is a vampire whose sire pressured him to become another Lord Vetinari, Tony Stark is a tone deaf siren who just loves explosion, Jan Van Dyne is a shapeshifter who explores herself through fashion design and poison, and what adventure awaits them in the following school year?

2. Original. In which the world is shaped by belief, and a conspiracy has taken over the world with its lie of science and technology, driving out everything not conforming to it. The characters are mage who try to revive their Tradition and bring magic back to the world.

3. Original. It's like our world, except that In 1950's, many women found that they had superpower. At the present the protagonist is a superpowered police officer, who between investigating crimes, spending time with her family, found herself watched by a mystical organization.
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And the title of the doc is Sam and Dean wingfic. No actual wings. I have no idea where I was going, but this bit is general audiences. )

Oh holy cow, this was going to be a crossover! With... um. Damn, I don't remember. The New York mention shook something loose, but it's not quite catching. Heroes, maybe? I don't think it was X-Men. Could be Stargate, but I don't think so. Damn, this was actually all planned out, I wish I could remember (though it's been completely and thoroughly jossed at this point, so ridiculously out of date as to be useless).

ETA: Oh! [personal profile] soleta remembered! It's a crossover with Constantine! Dean was going to be half-angel and Sam half-demon. I really don't remember anything beyond that.
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I have honestly no idea what or whyfore any of these are for/from/prompted by. They're just on bits of paper in my writing folder, and as I have no interest in following them up (but do like them, even though they would take many more words to sell me on some of the characterization), I shall post them here.

Warning for implied non-con on the last one, D&D on the first one, and violence and dark themes on the middle two. Total maybe 350 words. )


Jan. 2nd, 2011 07:44 pm
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This is doppelganger fic. I started it based on a really cool dream I had, but then two or three doppelganger fics came out, and then the episode Doppelganger, and that was kind of the end of this story.

JJ )
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Anyone care to join me, start the new year fresh?

Cambion: In medieval legend, a cambion is the half-human offspring of the union between a human male and a succubus, or of an incubus and a human female.

Take 1 )
Take 2 )
Take 3 )
Take 4 )
Take 4.5 )
Take 5 )
Take 6 )
(Yep, stopped in the middle of a word.)

So, that's over 3000 words of a story that I know down to my bones but simply cannot get to work, no matter what I try. ARG. :(


Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:10 pm
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So, I started roughly ten stories for [ profile] sga_santa, but this is the first, and I really, really liked it. But for the entire two months I was writing it, I couldn't get it to work out the way I wanted. I talked it through with [personal profile] soleta at one point, and it got so dark that it was a bit off-putting. Between that and the fact that once I talked it out I wasn't particularly interested anymore, what I'm putting up here is the opening to a fic I liked a whole lot for about two months, but need to let the hell go.

On to the darkfic )
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So I've had a horrible week. I've broken two computers, I put in a grant at 11:58pm the day it was due, and I'm low on sleep (yes, partially because of the HP premiere, but that's one bright spot in a really crappy week). The one paragraph I wrote of this is about as much as is ever going to get written.

When John was twelve, he found out he was adopted. He doesn’t even think his mom noticed; she was flipping through the important documents they kept in the safe and John saw a folder labeled John’s adoption papers. It explained so much.

Where this was going: John is Mama Petrelli's kid. I don't know if he's canonically older than Nathan, but I'd make him so. There were nice linkups to the situation with Nathan and Claire and I was planning on making the ATA gene the same as the gene that gives the Heroes their powers. (Part of the reason I gave it up is that this feels like it's been done to death.) I have no idea what power I'd give John. Maybe charm, a little like Matt's mind powers, but very specific (or maybe he just never realized what they are, and so, never developed them?).

In the end it was going to be story about family, families by blood, by culture, by choice, and the intersections of all these, and what it means about who you are. I'm just too wrung out to actually write this story (and too far behind on Heroes, tbh).
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This bunny is kind of vague, but it intrigues me:

The ghost of Hamlet's father is some kind of non-corporeal alien that feeds off of negative emotions, trying to manipulate events in Denmark to make itself a banquet.  The Doctor is there to investigate, and in the process of saving the day manages to both save Ophelia from going crazy due to the alien's influences, and cut through Hamlet's grief-and-rage-fuelled egotistical funk.  The Doctor and Horatio get along quite well, saving the day together while Hamlet's off soliloquizing.
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What if Alliance from Firefly was the Federation from Star Trek?

Obviously the protagonists of Star Trek would not condone Miranda or what was done to River, but they don't know everything that happens in the Federation. A matter of perspective- people who believe in the Federation vs. people who don't, which colors the narratives. Plus, the Star Trek people don't seem to spend a lot of time in areas like Firefly's location- backwater but a part of the Federation- because they're either on one of the major planets or exploring outside of the Federation.

Issues to writing this crossover:
  • Earth uninhabitable vs. still inhabited
  • aliens vs. no aliens
  • your brain may break from reconciling two images of the Federation/the Alliance
Possible scenes:
  • Federation officers/crewmembers in same bar as Firefly crew (on Unification Day!)
  • Ship sent due to the broadcast about Miranda
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  1. The Watchmen/BSG crossover about Doctor Manhattan, going off to explore the universe and create life. All this has happened before, all this will happen again. He doesn't like being called God.
  2. The BSG AU where, when Kara jumps them using the coordinates from that song at the end of the last episode, they wind up back in time in the colonies just before the Cylon attack.
  3. The Criminal Minds/SG-1 crossover where the SGC is negotiating with a planet that doesn't really want any of the standard trade goods, but they've got a high-profile serial killer but no law enforcement types with the psychological training to catch him/her. So someone suggests that hey, maybe we should lend them a BAU team for a few weeks, catch the serial killer, and give them a start on developing their own profilers.
  4. The Stargate Goes Public story that focuses on the reactions of the US military peeps who weren't in on the program. Navy guys complaining about the Air Force having starships. Special forces guys pointing out that having four-person teams is really stupid; six is a much more tactically flexible number, and if they hadn't given the Stargate to the Chair Force maybe they'd have had fewer screwups like that. JAG lawyers trying to figure out how to fit the de facto decisions made by the SGC over the years because they face situations nobody's ever thought of before into the UCMJ. Marines being ooo-rah. Etc.
  5. The Stargate story that focuses on the diplomatic teams: how they figure out what to trade with each world, and the person who noticed that most worlds are resource-rich and manpower-poor, and that the thing most useful to most worlds is technology just a leetle more advanced than whatever they've got--still within their manufacturing capabilities, but just a little more energy efficient. Cotton gins. Spinning jennies. Better plows. Better mettalurgy. Etc. Or some worlds want sheep with better wool, or larger horses, or other agricultural things. And then having to figure out how to convince General Hammond that what they really need is for the engineers (who want to be studying Ancient or Goa'uld or Asgard technology) to figure out how to build these things and teach the locals how to make and use them. Or convince General Hammond that the SGC needs to buy Merino sheep or what have you. And then figure out how to get them through the Stargate.
  6. Babylon 5. The one about the Centauri princeling in The Lost Tales that Sheridan takes home to Minbar to keep him from turning into the monster Galen says he will.
  7. Doctor Who/Atlantis. The sequel to Survivors.
  8. BSG AU. The stories hinted at in Five AUs I Will Never Write.
  9. Batman Beyond. The one where Terry's in college, still Batman, but moonlighting with the Justice League when they really need him. And they've got a list, really heavily encrypted somewhere, of family members of JL heroes, so that they can whisk them away to a secure location if necessary, and of course Terry's mom and brother are on that list but they still don't know he's Batman, and consequently are sure someone's made a mistake when they get kidnapped to a safehouse with superhero families. The security people guarding them are all, no, you're on the list, Mrs. McGinnis.
  10. Star Trek Reboot. Away team beams down, locals don't like Spock because of his brother, and Spock's all, I don't have a brother, but what's Sybok done? And it turns out that he had forced a telepathic marriage bond on one of the women in town and raped her during his Pon Farr, and now she's pregnant, and Spock has to deal with figuring out how to help her and track down his brother to bring him to justice (which traditionally would be putting him to death, but so many Vulcans have died already, but on the other hand Vulcan doesn't have the resources to deal with a prisoner and most other Federation worlds don't have prisons designed to hold such powerful telepaths as Sybok). Also, Spock has to deal with his friends and crewmates now that part of the story about Pon Farr has come out in the worst possible way.


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