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I'm leaving the country for a few weeks starting on Wednesday; it seems like a good time to give the bunnies I've had so far this year up for adoption. 37 ideas, in a variety of fandoms and varying levels of crack. Enjoy, and even if you're not taking any, it's always fun to hear what people think!

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Okay, I think I got all of the fandoms tagged. *Exhausted*

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What if Alliance from Firefly was the Federation from Star Trek?

Obviously the protagonists of Star Trek would not condone Miranda or what was done to River, but they don't know everything that happens in the Federation. A matter of perspective- people who believe in the Federation vs. people who don't, which colors the narratives. Plus, the Star Trek people don't seem to spend a lot of time in areas like Firefly's location- backwater but a part of the Federation- because they're either on one of the major planets or exploring outside of the Federation.

Issues to writing this crossover:
  • Earth uninhabitable vs. still inhabited
  • aliens vs. no aliens
  • your brain may break from reconciling two images of the Federation/the Alliance
Possible scenes:
  • Federation officers/crewmembers in same bar as Firefly crew (on Unification Day!)
  • Ship sent due to the broadcast about Miranda
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Bellatrix LeStrange is insane and completely devoted to her Lord, so when she has a change of heart about the Death Eaters' values, the only action that makes sense to her is to deage Voldemort and raise him according to her new values.
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The Atlantis Expedition assumes that, barring a major miracle, they'll never reestablish contact with Earth, so they plan and act accordingly, by making sure they have what they need to become self-sufficient and raise and educate the next generation to some approximation of their standards, and making friends and allies and integrating some of them into their society.Snip for lengthiness )
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Some group- SG-1 or AR-1 or the Scoobies or whoever have to save the world (or something). They have to take everything they need and go to a place to put their plan into motion. They can't get in touch with each other until they get to the place, and they can take a limited amount of stuff each. Possibly they won't have time to discuss their plan even once they get there. So they each pack a bunch of stuff that sounds random, like you look at what one of them has and you wonder why they would take that, since they don't know the plan. When they get there, they pull their stuff out and it all fits together in their (whacky?) plan. They know each other that well.

4 (or however many) companion ficlets, one from each POV? End part a separate ficlet or in each of them?


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